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West River Sailing Club

Membership Summary

Welcome to the West River Sailing Club.  We would like to encourage you to share with us our passion for sailing and camaraderie at one of the prettiest spots on the Chesapeake Bay.  
Here are some of the opportunities that are open to you as a member of our club.

1. Full use of the club grounds and facilities.
2. Participation in all club events.
3. Member’s privileges and rates at club activities.
4. Instructional Programs
5. Organized sailing cruises
6. Junior Racing Fleet
7. Children’s Sailing Camp
8. Certification training
9. Adult sailing classes
10. Races and regattas
11. Use of Club boats
12. Seminars

Classes of Membership


Regular membership requires ownership of a sailboat and allows for boat parking on club grounds and voting rights.  The Regular membership requires an Initiation fee which is $600 for 2017.  When applying for Regular membership a check for the initiation fee must accompany the membership application.  The dues are $600 for 2017, after their application has been accepted, posted for review for 30 days and approved by the Executive Board.


Corinthian membership is for those who don’t qualify for other types of membership but participate in club social activities and/or crewing on a regular basis.  This type of membership does not require an Initiation fee however Corinthian members are excluded from voting and are not allowed to park boats on club grounds.  When applying for Corinthian membership a check for the annual dues, $600 for 2017, must accompany the membership application.  If a Corinthian member decides to purchase a sailboat in the future he or she must convert to a Regular membership and pay the prevailing Initiation fee.


This type of membership allows a family or individual to join the club on a trial basis at a reduced initial cost through September 30 to see if it is a good fit for their lifestyle.  A Provisional membership can be applied for anytime from January 1 through August 30 for a fee of 55% of annual dues, or $330 for the current 2017 dues structure.  With this type of membership you will have all rights and privileges afforded permanent members except for boat parking and voting rights.  This fee is non-refundable, will not be pro-rated and is available only once.  It cannot be renewed or repeated in following years.

Provisional status is a temporary membership and if a member wishes to continue with the club beyond the trial period they must notify the West River Sailing Club Executive board of this intent prior to September 30, 2017.

  • For those converting to full membership in a class of membership that requires an initiation fee, (Regular membership) the candidate will pay the initiation fee of $600 and the dues for the following year (2018) under the normal annual billing cycle which takes place each January.  The provisional membership fee of $330 may be applied to the initiation fee if the option is exercised by September 30th.  In addition, for those provisional members who have paid for the Learn-to-Sail or Learn-to Race programs as provisional members, the Learn-to-Sail and/or Learn-to-Race fees may also be applied to the initiation fee if the option is exercised by September 30th.
  • For converting to full membership in a class of membership not requiring an initiation fee, (Corinthian membership), the dues for the following year will be processed under the normal annual billing cycle which takes place each January, again, less the $330 provisional membership fee and any fee paid to a WRSC Adult Learn-to-Sail program.

 For those who join as Provisional members who choose not to continue their membership beyond September 30 you don’t need to do anything further.  We can only hope that you had a great experience with us.

Here are some other memberships that are available at WRSC.

JUNIOR – Anyone under 19 years of age, with Parent’s consent. - $15 – No initiation fee.

ASSOCIATE – Anyone between the ages of 19 and 29.  An Associate Member may become a Regular Member during the life of the Associate Membership by the payment of the current initiation fee.  Dues paid by the Associate member shall be credited towards the initiation fee upon application for and acceptance as a Regular Member provided there has been no interim lapse of the Member’s Associate membership. 

The 2017 annual dues rate for this type of membership is $270.

Mail all membership documents and checks to WRSC Membership, PO Box 268, Galesville Md. 20765.  Applications for membership are presented to the Executive Board on the first Friday or Saturday of each month.

If you have any questions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and thanks for considering joining our club.




Special Notice



We continue to have members and guests of the club parking in the West River Yacht Harbor WRYH parking lot.  
The situation is such that abusing cars will be towed at the car owners expense.  

WRYH is our neighbor.

Upcoming Events


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