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The cruising fleet consists of WRSC members who own cruising sailboats ranging in size from 27’ to 44’.  Each year, we sponsor a wide range of cruising events beginning in the early spring and ending in the late fall.  Typically, these cruises are scheduled on weekends and holidays.  Our primary cruising ground is the Chesapeake Bay (see list below of our typical destinations) with the occasional long distance cruises, such as a a recent trip around the DelMarVa Peninsula.  Club members have also enjoyed group trips to the Adriatic, Belize and other exotic locations.
The typical on the water event is led by a member of the cruising fleet and may be a land rendezvous or a raft-up at a destination that allows us to enjoy sailing on some of the best cruising waters in the world.  Cruising destinations are 15 to 30 miles from our clubhouse in Galesville, MD.  At our rendezvous, we socialize, share meals, and generally have a grand time.
Take a look at this year’s cruises.   If you are new to cruising, you will find a wealth of experience among our members who are happy to share that knowledge with you. If you are not a member but know someone in our cruising fleet and would like to find out what our events are like, let us know and you will be welcome to join us on an upcoming cruise.  We also encourage guests to join us at our land based events on clubhouse grounds.
If you are a member of our cruising fleet but have not been active, we encourage you to join in this year.  If you formally were a cruiser but have parted ways with your sailboat, remember, you are always welcome to join as crew.
For more information, please contact our Cruising Chairperson.


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We continue to have members and guests of the club parking in the West River Yacht Harbor WRYH parking lot.  
The situation is such that abusing cars will be towed at the car owners expense.  

WRYH is our neighbor.

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