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  Cruising Events 2014    
Date Event Location    
Jan 25 Cruisers’ Annual Planning Meeting WRSC Clubhouse    
Feb 22 Cruisers’ Wine & Cheese Party WRSC Clubhouse    
Apr 5 Fitting Out Day WRSC Clubhouse    
Apr 19 Flag Raising WRSC Clubhouse    
May 3 - 5 Early Bird Cruise St Michaels    
May 17 - 18 Rhode River - SERC Langford Creek    
May 24 - 26 Memorial Day Wye River -- Drum Point    
Jun 14 - 15 Spring Rendezvous Mill Creek    
Jun 21 - 22 Lankford Creek Chestertown    
Jul 4th weekend Fireworks/Lighthouse Cruise various locations    
Jul 4 4th of July BBQ WRSC Clubhouse    
Jul 19 WRSC Annual Crab Feast WRSC Clubhouse    
Aug 16 - 17 Mid-Summer Land Sea Cruise Chalk Point    
Aug 23 - 24 Gibson Island Cruise Oxford Tred Avon YC    
Aug 29 - 31 Labor Day Cruise TBD    
Sep 11 - 14 Tall Ships Cruise - Baltimore St Michaels    
Sep 20 - 21 Knapp Narrows Cruise Knapp Narrows    
Oct 4 - 5 Oktoberfest Cruise Severn River    
Oct 9 - 13 US Sailboat Show      
Oct 18 - 19 Fall Festival - St Michaels      
Oct 25 - 26 Fall Rendezvous Wye River -- Dividing Creek    
Nov 1 - 2 Frost Bite Cruise Annapolis Harbour    
Jan 24, 2015  Cruisers Annual Planning Meeting WRSC Clubhouse    



WRSC Cruise Descriptions for 2014


January 25
Cruisers' Annual Planning Meeting

Event Chair: Lincoln and Kandy Phillips (301) 330-2471


The Annual Planning Meeting will be pot luck.  Appetizers will be served in the afternoon followed by the planning meeting and then dinner.  Attire for this event will be semi formal.  NOE


February 22

Cruisers Wine and Cheese Party, Awards
Event Chair: Lincoln and Kandy Phillips (301) 330-2471

The Wine and Cheese Party has been a regular and well attended Cruiser event for many years.  Cruisers are asked to bring cheese or another appetizer. The Wine and Cheese social will be followed by our annual presentation of awards, presented to those who lead cruises and/or participated in multiple cruises in 2011. After that, Dave Dawson will entertain us with his annual “Dubious Achievement” awards. NOE




April 5 (Rain date: 4/12)
Fitting Out Day

Spring cleaning at the Club is both a working and social event.  All are needed for a variety of tasks inside and out.


April 19
Flag Raising
WRSC Club Officers
Ancient sailors knew that brightly colored bits of cloth snapping in a fresh breeze drove away any lingering dull gray hobgoblins of winter. And the more color the better. So dress ship and come on down to the clubhouse for this annual rite of passage. It's the first big event of the year where all of the fleets get together. Bring a guest, renew old friendships and make new ones. Proper attire for this event will be required.  NOE


May 3 - 5
Early Bird Cruise
St. Michaels
Cruise Leaders:  Al and Liz Sutherland, al.liz.suther@gmail.com, (410) 867-1448

In a decade-old tradition, the Early Bird Cruise kicks off our cruising season with a 24-mile trip to St. Michaels. We will again utilize the facilities at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, and CBMM members will be able to arrange dock space through Mel. Alternatively, there is plenty of space this time of year for anchoring, and two other marinas have transient slips which can be reserved. The WineFest at St. Michaels will be held on the weekend of the cruise.  There will be the usual happy hour on the Museum grounds Saturday afternoon. There are several good restaurants in St. Mi­chael's for those who want to dine ashore that evening. We're also aiming for an early (0730) Sun­day breakfast for the group at Characters.  Contact Al Sutherland for dock space at CBMM. This cruise is accessible via land yacht. NOC



May 17-18

Rhode River – Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Open House

Cruise Leaders: Erick and Jane Chiang, ecandjd@comcast.net, (703) 836-9231


We will do a joint cruise this year with the Flying Scot fleet to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) Open House on the Rhode River.  The cruising boats will anchor off the SERC dock and the Flying Scot sailors will tie up to the cruisers; a water taxi will be set up to ferry people ashore.  Look for more details in the notice of cruise.  NOC




May 24-26

Memorial Day Cruise
Drum Point Wye River
Cruise Leaders:  Greg and Sue Whalen, sailinwhalen@comcast.net, (703) 481-1076


This is the season’s traditional first three day cruise.  We will again anchor in the bight behind Drum Point off the Wye River, where Dave Dawson has promised once again to make his famous omelets for our traditional Sunday morning pot luck brunch.  Saturday and Sunday will feature evening happy hours.  As always, kids of all ages and pets are welcome.  Look for the NOC with further details including this year’s theme.



Jun 14 - 15

Spring Rendezvous
Mill Creek

Ghost Captain’s Cruise


This is one of the two cruises that combine the Big Boat and Cruising Fleets and involve an optional race. Saturday morning the cruisers and big boat racers will gather off Pirate's Cove pier to start the point-to-point race to Hackett Can, at the entrance to Whitehall Bay.  After reaching a finishing line, we will sail or motor into Whitehall Bay, through the "S" turn that has at least 8 feet of water at the entrance to Mill Creek, and anchor a few hundred yards upstream from Cantler's Inn where we will go for dinner.  Sailing back on Sunday is at your leisure as racing is not required.  This cruise is accessible via land yacht.




June 21 - 22
Rock Hall – Chester River/Lankford Bay
Cruise Leaders: John and Ginger Shea, jshea@ida.org

Lankford Bay is on Davis creek, just west of where it meets Langford Creek, off the Chester River and about 5 miles over land east of Rock Hall.  We enjoyed our first cruise there a few years ago; as you approach from Galesville, you will see Eastern Neck Island at the mouth of the Chester River, and just north of the Bay Bridge opposite Kent Island is a national wildlife refuge.  Hail Point on the SE tip of the island was a customs inspection point for ships bound for Chestertown in colonial times.  Just to the north-east of Lankford Bay Marina and between where Langford Creek splits into a west and an east branch was the site of a skirmish during the War of 1812, when a British coastal raider, the HMS Menelaus, was convinced to move elsewhere by fire from between the East and West branches of Lankford Creek.  We hope to enjoy a cruise to this historic part of Chesapeake Bay.




July 4

4th of July BBQ
WRSC Clubhouse




July 19
WRSC Annual Crab Feast
Event Chairs: Greg Whalen, sailinwhalen@comcast.net

WRSC will host its annual crab feast in mid July.  We will have crabs on the table along with other culinary options.  Bring your bib, mallet, and sharp instrument (for the crabs) because we'll be doing it again.




Aug 16 - 17
Mid-Summer Land Sea Cruise
Chalk Point, West River
Cruise Leaders: Bruce Ogden & Jill Segraves, gr8sail1@verizon.net

This will be an easy day cruise for most WRSC Cruisers to Bruce and Jill’s home on Chalk Point, West River.  If weather is not conducive to sailing it is certainly accessible by land yacht.  A sea-nettle net will be anchored off the Ogden pier for cooling off.  NOC



Aug 23 - 24
Gibson Island Cruise
Magothy River
Cruise Leaders: John von Senden & Kyrah Drasheff, john@southerngirl.net, (703) 751-9674 

Let us look forward to another great cruise to Gibson Island in 2014!  We will again have slips at the Gibson Island Yacht Squadron facilities with the usual stellar service from their Dockmaster.   We will return to the Gibson Island Club for another fine meal.  With the Magothy River right above the Bay Bridge, this is an easy sail.  As we get closer to the date, more details will follow.  This cruise is accessible via land yacht.




Aug 29 - 31
Labor Day Cruise
Location TBD
Cruise Leaders: TBD
Keep a free eye out for more details on the Labor Day cruise as the season progresses.  



Sept 11 - 14

Tall Ships Cruise
Cruise Leader:  Vicki and Al Lohman, allohman55@gmail.com, (410) 610-1128

In 2012 the Tall Ships were in Baltimore as part of the 200th Anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner.  On September 10, 2014 they return to the Inner Harbor and we will do a cruise to help celebrate.  The ships will be open for visiting, the Blue Angels are scheduled for the 13th and 14th and fireworks from Ft. McHenry will be on display on Saturday night.  For more details, go to www.starspangled200.com.  More details will also appear in the notice of cruise.



Sept 20 - 21
Knapps Narrows
Cruise Leaders: Larry & Nadine Schneider, nadine@nadinesfolly.com

Nadine and Larry will again lead our cruise to Knapps Narrows, staying at Knapp’s Narrows Marina and Inn.  For those who can make it, we are planning to go on Friday and have dinner at the Tilghman Island Inn on Friday evening.  Anyone interested in extending their weekend to Friday, just let me know I will make reservations for us.  Saturday evening we will have Cocktails aboard Dragon 3 and then dinner at the Bay Hundred Restaurant. The continental breakfast on Sunday is included in your slip fee. The phone number of the KN marina is 420.886.2720. This cruise is accessible via land yacht.


Oct 4 - 5
Oktoberfest Cruise

Selby Bay/John and Pat Paris Residence
Cruise Leaders: Bernie and Evelyn Doyle, bernard.doyle@verizon.net, 703-533-3208; John and Pat Paris

This year the Oktoberfest cruise will rendezvous once again off Selby Bay at the home of John and Pat Paris.  Look for details in the notice of cruise.

.  [NOC]


Oct 18-19

Fall Festival, St Michael’s, MD

Ghost Captain’s Cruise


A cruise to St. Michael’s, MD during the annual Fall Festival will be lots of fun.  Many of the events are set up to support local charities and include dachshund and Jack Russell Terrier races.  NOC  


Oct 25 26
Fall Rendezvous
Dividing Creek–Wye River

Cruise Leaders: Jonathan Newton and Amelia Whitman, jonathan.t.newton@gmail.com, (410) 353-2555

We look forward to another opportunity to enjoy the Fall Rendezvous on Dividing Creek in October 2014.  We will join up with Big Boat club members and sponsor a race that ends just outside the entrance to the Wye River.  Later in the afternoon we will make our way into Dividing Creek, raft up and enjoy the evening with pot luck appetizers, shrimp and oysters.  If the big boats race, the Hallie Q will be the anchor boat for the main raft and the party.  Happy Hour will begin on or about 1700.  The cruisers participating in the rendezvous will sponsor the seafood.  Look for information on cost in the Notice of Cruise.  As in previous years everyone is invited to bring hors d’oeuvres, appetizers and wine of their choice.  Cruisers are encouraged to race with the Big Boat members.




Nov 2 - 3
Frost Bite Cruise
Annapolis Harbor

Cruise Leaders: Joe and Pat Casey, pjcasey112@yahoo.com, (410) 216-7025

Frost Bite caps off the 2014 sailing season.  Come by land or water. Saturday the 1st is a day of celebration centered on the annual Tug-of-War between Annapolis and the Maritime Republic of Eastport.  For those of you who sail, moorings and slips are available.  The water taxi is running.  This year we will host a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres gathering in our residence’s (warm and out of the weather) community room located within easy walking distance of Ego Alley or if you come by water taxi, a stop located within a few steps your destination.  This is a great opportunity to experience dinner at some close-by great bars and restaurants.  Sunday is the traditional brunch at Buddy’s.  Look for more information closer to the event, in the newsletter, on the website and in your email.



Jan 24, 2014 (TBD)
WRSC Cruisers Annual Planning Meeting and Dinner

We will plan our cruising schedule for the coming year and enjoy dinner afterward.







Special Notice



We continue to have members and guests of the club parking in the West River Yacht Harbor WRYH parking lot.  
The situation is such that abusing cars will be towed at the car owners expense.  

WRYH is our neighbor.

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