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One Design Sailing

WRSC's public one-design regattas are sanctioned by the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association. Each year WRSC hosts about 12 regattas that are open to sailors from other clubs.
Less formal racing takes place on almost every weekend between the beginning of May and the end of October. WRSC's flottilla of race management craft and its complete inventory of marks, flags, and other Race Committee equipment combined with a pool of experienced individuals gives the club excellent capabilities for hosting high quality racing.
For further information about boats, people, and events follow the links to the individual fleets or contact our One Design Committee Chair.
WRSC One-Design Schedule
WRSC Sanctioned Fleets:
Persons who wish to join West River Sailing club in order to enjoy our outstanding one-design racing program are required to own boats belonging to one of the one-design classes listed below. Membership in the class associations is encouraged in the spirit of true support for the one-design concepts embodied by the classes. The classes listed here cover a full range of the one-design experience frm family daysailing to world class competitive racing.

Chesapeake A-Cats is a growing group of sailboat racers based at the West River Sailing Club in Galesville, MD. From 2 boats in '03 to 7 in early '04 to a present 15 boats, we're an active and friendly group.


A 15-foot dinghy, optimally sailed with a two persons, originally designed in 1948. Sailed extensively in the Chesapeake Bay Area, with 4 other active fleets in the U.S., as well as internationally.

Chesapeake 20

Your fast, fun and comfortable racing experience. This is a local design to the West River. These sleek twenty foot craft are racing actively ever since they were first built in the 1930s. They are raced with a crew of 2 or 3 and sport a trapeze.  The C20 has a large main and jib (no spinnaker).The C20 is very stable in light air and exciting when the breeze goes past 12mph. Come join us for a fun day on the river!

Flying Scot

America's family racing day sailer. This 19ft sloop is one of the most popular classes in North America..WRSC is home to Flying Scot Fleet 97


Newest fleet at WRSC, the Formula 16 catamaran is a lightweight, fast, and versatile racing platform. F-16s are collectively raced together as single (main & chute) & double (main, jib, & chute) handed configurations. F-16s weight around 230 lbs complete with sails and rigging.

International 5.0.5

A high performance planing dinghy with a spinnaker and a trapeze. One of the largest high performance two person International classes, the 505 is raced in over 18 countries on five continents. WRSC is home to 5.0.5 Fleet 19


The Laser is a single-handed, strict one-design and Olympic class that is sailed enthusiastically all over the world by young and old, novice and expert alike. The Laser offers the unique combination of exciting sailing, simple rig, portability, and highly competitive fleets. It offers three configurations to accommodate varying conditions, sailor weight and sailor ability.  Each rig only requires a different lower mast section and sail.  A great boat you can learn in and never outgrow.

Nacra 20/F-18
Two person catamaran.

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We continue to have members and guests of the club parking in the West River Yacht Harbor WRYH parking lot.  
The situation is such that abusing cars will be towed at the car owners expense.  

WRYH is our neighbor.

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